New beginnings! Sort of….

So I return to the world of blogging, this time utilising the magic services of WordPress! My first attempts at blogging can be found here however this soon ran out of steam as I don’t generally do much… I jest of course, but by starting this new I hope to blog at much more regular intervals.

I aim to share my love of great food so why not start with my visit to Jalopy Pizza today?! Jalopy Pizza serve great pizza from a converted van with a wood fired oven in the back in the Dorset area and at festivals around the country. They have been featured in national newspapers such as the Guardian and the Independent, and since pizza is my favourite food EVER I felt it was my duty to find them on their travels.

I have made a couple of unsuccessful attempts before but I finally managed to track them down in a trading estate in the small Dorset town of Bridport. The menu was short and sweet with only 2 sizes (small at £5 and large for the princely sum of £9). I choose to go for a large Margherita and was advised there was a 30 minute wait which I thought was highly acceptable and gave me a chance to explore Bridport a little. This mainly consisted of walking to the high street to get some beer and then return to find my pizza ready and waiting for me. The kind gent serving offered pepper and fresh basil which I humbly accepted. He also apologised that it was slightly too big for the box. This I humbly accepted also.

The tomato was fruity and sweet, the pools of melting mozzarella creamy and stringy, the base thin and just the perfect level of chewy. The basil was fresh and the only improvement I could wish for was for the base to have a little bit more crunch but it was still one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.

Now, I’m no topping prude and quite happy to adulterate my pizza with unconventional flavours (even pineapple or kebab meat! Don’t ask me in public though, I will only deny it…) but I have recently started to enjoy the simplicity of a cheese and tomato pizza and letting the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves.

So in summary I will be definitely be visiting these guys again and next time try a couple of the other toppings to really work those taste buds!

Look out for a review of a new sustainable fish and chip shop in Southsea, the Boat Deck, located on South Parade Pier. I’ve already been twice but will write them up when they’ve bedded in.

<a title=”Read Square Meal’s review of Jalopy Pizza” href=”;utm_medium=Blog&amp;utm_campaign=Link”><img src=”” alt=”Square Meal” /></a>


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