Fishy Chips

Fish and Chips, you can’t get a more iconic British dish than that can you? Well, maybe a Sunday roast, or a fry up, or tea and crumpets, or sausage and mash, or… Well, you get the picture… The British have a whole host of great dishes (some with delightful saucy names e.g. Spotted dick or toad in the hole…) but one of the great stereotypical dishes is fish and chip!

Living in Southsea, you would think we would promote the abundance of high quality seafood available to us on our doorstep. Alas, this is not the case with the admirable exceptions of places such as Viviers, selling fresh fish in Old Portsmouth, and restaurants such as Relentless and Loch Fyne (although this is part of a small but high quality chain). And there was even a notable lack of places providing a decent, humble fish dinner.

Quality has started to improve with the opening of the Boat Deck on Southsea Pier, providing high quality, sustainable fish at a reasonable price, especially with their crisp yet fluffy twice cooked chips. However this review is of Deep Blue in Eastney, Portsmouth. Deep Blue is part of a small established chain mainly in the South of England. My housemate and I decided to try Deep Blue after receiving a 2 for 1 voucher after signing up on their website!


The shop has a very clean and almost clinical look which I found quite reassuring as you could tell cleanliness is a priority, a very good thing from a fast food establishment! We’ve suffered a dicky tum after after a very ill advised, drunken doner kebab on the stumble home…. We ordered two large haddock and chips with a side of curry sauce which totalled a more than reasonable £7.88!

Now I don’t proclaim to be a fish and chip expert but my parents own a fish and chip takeaway in Bristol so I like to think I know what I’m talking about and I would like to offer the most important advice to ensure your fish remains crispy on the way home…. And that is this…

Ask for your fish to be wrapped separately from the chips. Simple as that! The steam and moisture from chips will make the batter go all soggy so when you unwrap it at home it gets stuck on the wrapping, even when wrapped in paper. A terrible state of affairs… Or, you could do what we did and go to the beach and enjoy your dinner with a sea view!



As you can see the fish and chips were served in a very classy, high quality cardboard box which allowed the excess moisture to escape to ensure the batter on the fish to remain crispy, and did it ever!


The chips were a pretty standard affair however the fish was absolutely fantastic and definitely worth the money,even at full price!. Now you can have arguments which fish makes the perfect fish and chips (generally cod in the South and haddock in the North) but any flaky, white fish will do really. I chose haddock as it was 30p cheaper than the cod (more sustainable too!) and it was the best piece of fried fish I’ve had in Portsmouth! The batter was light and crisp, the fish was moist, flaky and flavoursome. I will definitely be returning, and I would highly recommend printing out some vouchers and going there whilst the 2 for 1 promotion is running. But quick, next Monday is the last chance you’ll have to grab this bargain. After all, what better way is there to enjoy a summer sunset?



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