Chomp Grill – Bristol

It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged which I’m sure is a problem for every blogger at some point in their blogging life. Why is this? Well for me it’s been due to a lot of ups and downs in my life, personal and jobwise. At the moment I am unemployed after a couple of temporary jobs so I don’t have the luxury of job security or even the level of expendable cash I used to have when I had a proper adult job (which I quit in 2013). I just don’t know what I want to do with my life ( and I’m 31 so a considerable part of it has been expended already!). I am applying for more jobs but at the same time I long to travel again. I have some fanciful notions of just jumping on my bike with my tent if I don’t get something concrete by this summer… Anyway, one constant in my life that I have been able to enjoy is good food, the reason why I started this blog so I thought I’d continue sharing my love for good food worth special attention and appreciation! Since I’ve moved back to Bristol one of the best openings recently has been Chomp Grill in the centre of town, just around the back of St Nick’s Market (itself a treasure trove of tasty, cheap eats!). This is their first bricks and mortar place after running an extremely successful food truck and boy, was it worth the wait! Bristol has caught onto the burger craze that has exploded in London in the last few years but this is the first place in Bristol that I can honestly compare to the gorgeous, juicy and just plain beefiness found in the capital. Byron and Five Guys has recently opened with MeatLiquor shortly coming to Stokes Croft. Sure, the Burger Joint, Atomic Burger and Three Brothers (not my favourite but excellent lunch offer at £5 for burger and fries!) offer great quality alternatives but there is something special about the burger at Chomp. I’ve been three times now and the burger is just exceptional. Always cooked pink, dripping with fatty goodness and at £10 excellent value for a quality product. Just look at these pics! IMG_7723 IMG_7693 The fact that they offer PINTS of a specially brewed Wiper & True pale ale is especially welcome. I know it may be considered gauche in some craft beer circles but sometimes only a pint will do!!