Breakfast Club Hoxton

Breakfast, the most important meal according to my mum. But she also eats chickens’ feet so what does she know… Anyway, getting back to the point, breakfast is a meal I normally miss. That time is spent much more productively by staying in bed!

Yesterday I made a mad dash across London to meet some friends at the Hoxton branch of the Breakfast Club for a last minute lunch date.



We were seated at big communal table by the open kitchen (I always expect Gordon Ramsey style outbursts which always fail to materialise…) where stacks of pancakes and plates of gorgeous looking food kept flying out of. The table gave a collective sigh when giant stack of pancakes tumbled over on the pass…


The menu is quite extensive, with lots and lots of variety but it didn’t take me long to choose the Boston Beans for my lunch.


Far from your ordinary beans on toast, these beans also contained huge chunks of soft, tender pork as well the fried egg and EGGY BREAD, just like my mum used to make (she does do some things right!). I quickly made it disappear… Magic!



My friends had the Eggs Benedict (above) and the All American Pancakes. Both looked scrummy but I forgot to get a picture of the pancakes, it was a huge plate of pancakes, bacon, sausage, egg and potatoes. It was so impressive in fact that someone from a different party on the table cancelled their order to change it to the pancakes!




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