Elderflower Fields Festival


I love camping! I think it’s because it is a great opportunity to become one with nature and the environment. Or maybe because it’s cheap and I have a tendency to get extremely drunk when I’m doing it….

Anyway, this Bank Holiday weekend I got the opportunity to camp out as a volunteer for the Elderflower Fields Festival. This festival is a family friendly festival  is now in it’s second year and is based near Lewes, Sussex and I had a smashing time!



Like other festivals there was great music, good value food and a particularly chilled out and relaxed vibe. Unlike other festivals there were  loads of activities to keep kids entertained and inspired and even Dora the Explorer to please the extremely young (and me actually, sshh don’t tell anyone…).



The favourite food vendor by far was the Pizza Wagon with their wood fired converted horse box! But all the others also provided tasty and healthy alternatives!

Pizza 1

Pizza 2

My good friends Stuart and Anita played a major part on the organisation of the festival which ran from the Friday through to the Bank Holiday Monday. Stu and Anita have recently completed a 6 month cycle from the UK all the way to Turkey and then over to India, your can read about their exploits here! Over the four days there were 2 stages of top quality musical entertainment as well various activities in the special woodland area for kids and parents alike.

Outdoor house


Ghouls 2

Particular musical highlights of weekend for me included sets by Twomanting, the Ghouls and The Exit Strategy. There was also a picnic on Sunday which was included in the entry price and everything was supplied by local producers. All I can say is that is that I was suitably impressed by the quality and was comfortably full at the end! Unfortunately I got a bit carried away and forgot to take any pictures…IMG_2782


The weather cleared up from the rather rainy Friday (when I had a 5 hour car park duty welcoming all the arriving vehicles…) and the rest of the weekend was absolutely sunny and beautiful! I even got a bit sunburnt (suncream up kids!). What a way to spend the weekend!