The second part of my New Year’s holiday was my first ever trip to Edinburgh. Well that is not strictly true, my first time was a working holiday where I spent of the time drunk so I can’t really remember much… But this time I was determined to be able to recount at least some of my holiday!

I spent 3 days in Edinburgh but one of my highlights was actually getting there!! I managed to prebook tickets on the sleeper train from London for £19 each way. Now I love a good train journey (the sit down and eavesdrop kind, not the commuter standup in someone’s armpit for 2 hours kind) and this brought to mind the age where train travel was a luxury and an adventure, not something that is to be endured. It was very Agatha Christie!

This was my house for two nights!


And my room!


My cabin mate on the way up was a middle aged Scot bloke called John, the only person I can say that for the ENTIRE time I knew him he was never fully clothed!

Upon arrival in Edinburgh at early o’clock on the next day I checked into the hotel before heading out.

BTW, check out this view!


Perfect for any fire exit aficionados! However for £30 for two nights in Central Edinburgh it was more than acceptable.

Over the 3 days I managed to prise myself away from the hotel room to take in sights below, including Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat, the Scottish National Gallery.




My favourite Edinburgh foodie moments were a couple of lunches, one at the Dogs and the other at the Word of Mouth Cafe.

The Dogs is an excellent value restaurant just off a major shopping street, George Street. The  day menu is varied, full of local and in season ingredients and eye poppingly reasonable considering the standard of the food that came out.

I ordered the cock-a-leekie soup and a carafe of decent white wine. Out came the soup with a real depthness and with the sweetness of the dates really cutting through.


The food coming out to other tables was so tempting that I felt obliged to order the haggis, black pudding and bacon hash (it’s holiday after all!). This came topped with a fried duck egg. A perfect dish for a chilly winter lunch!Image


All this was had for just over £20!

Another place worth a mention is the Word of Mouth Cafe where I had a marvellous croque monsieur (influenced from my Paris trip perhaps?!), cheesecake and plenty of high quality tea. Unfortunately I was enjoying the food so much I forgot to take any pictures except this one!


These are some other photos I did remember to take on my last day before boarding the sleeper back to London and normality… P.S. It’s worth checking out Ryan’s Bar just for the awesome ceiling!





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