Patty & Bun

Just a quick write up as I’m sure there are plenty more interesting and qualified reviews of one of the newest and hyped up burger joints in London. Through pure luck I managed to get a a table to myself at around 9 o’clock on a Tuesday evening en route between Heathrow airport and Euston train station.

The question on your lips is, does Patty & Bun live up to the hype? To me it is a resounding yes! I ordered the Ari Gold cheeseburger with bacon and the rosemary salt chips along with a Sam Adams beer. The food came quickl and, oh my,  what a burger!


Brioche bun with just a hint of sweetness and tough enough to withstand the juices that flowed from the tasty, medium cooked beef patty, the melted cheese and the juice from the flavoursome tomato within.


The chips were also great but the highlight of the meal was a confit chicken wing that the table next to me kindly offered me. I politely declined when first offered but when they offered a second time I did not hesitate (my only weakness apart from good food is free food!). The meat was so tender you could suck it off the bone and it was coated in a seriously smoky sauce (slightly Asian flavours as well?). And the total for this feast? Less than £15, stupendous value!

It was so good I bought a Smokey Robinson burger to take with me on the sleeper train to Edinburgh, it barely made it to Euston… I am such a burger slut…



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