So, after starting this blog I have often been asked for recommendations for food places on visits to London (well twice anyway….). Due to it’s location in Covent Garden, near the heart of Theatreland of the West End, I have pointed my friend’s to Meatmarket despite the fact I have never been. This was due to the pedigree of this establishment, having opened at the beginning of the year by the team behind MEATliquor and the MEATwagon.

I have been to MEATliqour once before and had a brilliant meal, and having made several abortive attempts after that (due to queues and turning up when it was closed) I was pleased to get a table straight away on my visit to MEATmarket on an early Saturday evening.

Located in the the Jubilee Market Hall in Covent Garden, the design is the complete opposite of the dimly lit, weird art festooned interior of MEATliquor. In fact, the design and the music gave a distinctly American diner sort of atmosphere.

I was tempted by virtually everything on the menu but eventually decided to go for the Black Palace Burger and Chicken Wings, forgoing the chilli cheese fries. That I will save for next time! I ordered and I barely had to wait for 5 minutes before my name was called and food nirvana was waiting to be devoured!

This is the Black Palace Burger,  a double beef patty burger like the legendary Dead Hippie, but topped with fried onion, american cheese, pickles, ketchup and mustard only available at MEATmarket. I opted for this as I had already had the Dead Hippie at MEATliqour but this was just as good!

Burgers cooked to a perfect medium rare, oozing wet, beefy juices (easy grandma!), the cheese adding a lovely savouriness and well as the soft onions. The pickles added just the right amount of sharpness to cut through the richness of the burger, the bun managing heroically not to collapse under the gravitational pull of the of the stuff contained within it. It is a messy affair no doubt but there is a primal satisfaction of warm, meaty juice flowing through your fingers as you bite down into the burger.

But the the best was yet to come.

PERFECT CHICKEN WINGS!! Now if you have read some of my previous blogs you will know I have been sorely let down by some of my chicken wings experiences but these are textbook examples of how to do them. Freshly fried with light , crisp skin, thoroughly doused in hot sauce and served with the creamiest, chunkiest blue cheese sauce to temper the heat! So simple, but yet so easy to do awfully…. These were so finger stainingly delicious, I demolished the supplied kitchen roll on the table…

At £12.50 for a burger and some wings it’s not exactly the cheapest meal in London but if you value good quality food in such a central location, you can’t go much wrong with MEATmarket. I can’t wait til my next visit when those chilli cheese fries will be mine!! Go, go now!


2 thoughts on “MEATmarket

  1. Al, get yourself to Chicken Shop/Dirty Burger in Kentish Town if you haven’t already. Great burgers and great fried chicken too.

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