Za Za Bazaar/Falafel King/The Lounge, Biggleswade

It’s been a while but I’m back after a super busy couple of weeks! Work to me back to my hometown of Bristol for a couple of days and so we went to Za Za Bazaar, reputably the largest restaurant in the UK. Unfortunately I got a bit tipsy so these are the only photos I remembered to take…

It’s a buffet restaurant so I didn’t go in with particularly high expectations but at £14.99 per person (£6.99 at lunch!) it’s extremely good value. The service is very friendly and some of the food (Indian and Vietnamese sections) are more than passable as some items (such as the pho above) is cooked to order to prevent it standing around too long.

The next night I visited a Bristol institution, the Falafel King. So much much more flavoursome than a post drink kebab!! Not to mention cheaper and healthier (i hope…)

It’s a van down by the waterfront, do pay them a visit. You won’t regret it, promise!

After my pilgrimage to Bristol, I ventured to Biggleswade and Cambridge for the first time. After a tiring day of punting (a bit stressful as the Cam was absolutely chocka full of punting beginners such as myself…) and geocaching (much easier!) my generous host took me to the only nice place in Biggleswade (according to my friend anyway!).

Here we breakfasted on egg benedict, a most extravagant breakfast and beautifully cooked. Highly recommended!

P.S. Here are some scary Village People scarecrows we saw… Such a casual stance…