Pitt Cue Co, Soho

I know what you’re thinking. What one of the hottest places to eat is ANOTHER amateurish, cliche ridden review by a wannabe foodie blogger! Well fear not, here I am to hit all those buttons!!

It was nearly a year ago when I found myself under Hungerford Bridge on the South Bank enjoying a huge box of melting pulled pork, smoked baked beans and a bottle of beer while enjoying the London sunshine (remember that!). At the start of the year they moved into a permanent place just off the achingly fashionable Carnaby Street.

I arrived there at half 6 on a Bank Holiday Monday, and there was already a small queue out of the door. I was dining alone which can be an awkward experience with frequent glances at your watch, in the pretend expectance of meeting a particularly tardy acquaintance! However this time it was more than worth it a the waiting time was then at 45 minutes for a table for 2 or more. As I was dining alone however I was seated straight away in the area in the bar.

Dining alone also allows me to indulge in another favourite hobby apart from eating, eavesdropping! There is nothing more satisfying than intruding on another person’s life without their knowledge. This time was no less satisfying, discovering my neighbours had ¬†found out that their father had just had an extra marital affair and that Frank did not deserve his promotion to head of department (of which I remain impartial…).

The space was extremely intimate (read tiny) and I was seated next to an American lady who had pork ribs of such proportion they had complete strangers commenting to her how delicious they looked! They also demonstrated the deep pink colour that permeates a meat after a slow and intense smoking.

I ordered “The Ode” which was a sandwich containing their delicious pulled pork, hot smoked sausage and beef brisket in a glossy brioche bun. This was topped by some of the house pickles, coleslaw and also contained a middle layer of french dipped bread (viewers of Man vs Food will be familiar with this method of dipping bread in gravy or cooked meat juices, viewers of Friends will also refer to this as the Moist-Maker!” which further lubricated this meat mountain.This came with bone marrow mash which added the extra unctuous, slightly gelatinous flavour to my dinner. As I mentioned earlier, the compactness of the dining area leads to a very communal feel and I was urged by a couple of people urging to take a mouthful Man vs Food/Scooby style which I quite willingly obliged. All the flavours were distinct yet complimented each other and was quickly polished off.This was washed down with a couple of house draught beers and a famous Pickleback, a shot of Bourbon followed by a shot of sharp, fiery pickle juice.

What better way to finish a meal of such satisfying proportions and look forward to visiting the trailer which is now back on the South Bank until the end of summer.